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While the entire world is becoming competitive by the minute, there is a constant need to be remembered by your consumers and the saga of your market presence goes unsaid. Not forgetting, your brand is the beneficial association between your business and your market. And our team is thumping with excitement to be with you by your side while you create a brand of your own, an unforgettable, unique one! Whether it’s a product launch, a PR event, a press meet, an exhibition booth, we’ve got your back! Scroll through while we extend our warm services for our clientele.

Product Launches

Product Launches

Your products are as important to us, as you are. Hence to make your product launches unique and away from the mundane way, we invite you to expand your horizons using new media art techniques such as projection mapping, digital walls and hologram mapping . Needless to say, we excel at digital installations, but we also experiment with budget friendly materials to create interesting installations.

New Media can be used to spotlight characteristic product features, like the new edition of Nike New Balance did to launch its new pair of shoes! The famous brand with lots of fans across the globe did a pre-launch and showcased the new varieties of shoes virtually, with a sure sense of sight. Go ahead and create your brand’s version of this with us by your side!

Product Launches
Museum Artistic Designing

Exhibition Booths

Looking to show off your new product in the market? The best way to get attention amongst all your competitors at these product demos is to stand out with your exhibition booth. We will help you achieve this by creating eye-catching visuals using technologies such as digital walls, visuals as well as bespoke art installations.

Exhibition booths are the perfect way to showcase your product or service. We also display our customer’s products in an immersive way using the hologram tables like Euclideon’s which gives life to a hard-to-envision project.

Digital Company Walls

First impressions matter. Experts say we size up new people and spaces somewhere between 30 seconds and two minutes. Almost everyone makes a good first impression, but only a few make a good lasting impression. And we want to make sure you are one of them!

Digital Company Wall
Company Digital Wall

Entrailing your foyer with dynamic visuals using digital wall-art installations in the company foyer are an innovative addition to the firm’s decor. These can be in the form of mounted screens that narrate the story of your company or display company segments. Digital company walls are the perfect touch of contemporary decor that stays true to the brand. With D’trove by you, we promise customised, budgeted, pocket-friendly portable company walls designed for you and your brand, that needs to move with you.

Company Sponsored Branding Installations

Innovative installation displays of a company product or service grab the viewer’s attention and. This form of visual merchandising is a creative and unique marketing technique that takes the product experience a step beyond. At exhibitions, music festivals or expos, D’Trove can create an original installation that is perfect for brand recall.

Company Walls
Digital Company Wall

Igniting Curiosity

Let us transform your idea into an immersive experience !

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