Large Scale Events and Staging

We at D’trove believe and encourage you to widen your horizons and visualisations on every scale possible, smallest to biggest. And we will take care of the rest, whether its a press release, or a large-scale event that shall be covered in the media, like the popular Apple’s launches or an award ceremony. We got them all! All you have to do is - dream. And we will stage your dream into reality. The opening of the USC Village complex in Los Angeles by Bart Kresa Studio mapped two large buildings on the main student square, as well as the 150 feet tall clock tower as well, blurring the limitation of area coverage. You can count on us for your large stages on an IPL launch or the electrifying concert stages or even government events and awareness campaigns .

Large Scale Staging

Igniting Curiosity

Let us transform your idea into an immersive experience !

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